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Croatia postpones exploration for oil, gas in Adriatic seabed

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 17. Ožujak 2015 - 6:00
Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency (CHA) confirmed on Monday the exploration for oil and gas in Adriatic seabed would be postponed due to the need for consultations with neighboring countries. The contracts, initially scheduled to be signed in April with five companies which have been awarded licences, were expected to be signed in June, CHA said.

Belgium, Nuclear Energy: Protest against aging nuclear reactors in Tihange and Doel. Demonstrations organizers were highly satisfied

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 16. Ožujak 2015 - 6:00
"We have made the leap from the marginality" So took Leo Tubbax, spokesman for the Belgian "Nucléaire Stop" movement his impressions after the demonstration on Sunday afternoon in Tihange together. In marginal echo-demand he described the event as a great success. "Totally new to us was the great media interest," said Tubbax.

United Kingdom: Local authorities can rely on costs protections of Aarhus Convention

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 16. Ožujak 2015 - 6:00
Local authorities can rely on the costs protections of the Aarhus Convention on access to justice in cases relating to the environment, appeal judges have ruled.

Japan: Osaka University, International Workshop 2 on Environmental Issues and Public Participation

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 10. Ožujak 2015 - 6:00
Workshop 2 Participation Principle Indicators under the Environmental Law: Towards Establishing International Collaboration in Pursuit of Environmental Justice

OSCE trains judges from South Caucasus and Eastern Europe on environmental issues

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 9. Ožujak 2015 - 6:00
A regional workshop on access to justice in environmental matters was organized by the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities in close cooperation with the UNECE Aarhus Convention Secretariat in Tbilisi, Georgia on 19-20 February 2015. The workshop brought together high-level judges and representatives from National Judicial Training Centres from the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. Participants learnt about the procedural requirements for implementing the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Aarhus Convention). They also discussed and shared best practices as well as the challenges in implementing the "access to justice" pillar of the Convention.

Japan: Osaka University, International Workshop on Environmental Issues and Public Participation

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 8. Ožujak 2015 - 7:00
Workshop on Environmental Policy-Making Instruments Based on Public Participation in a High Technological Society - Energy, Chemical Substances and Water Management as Central Issues

Italy: Presidential candidate of the Umbria region Laura Pupils: "Umbria and citizen participation: decades of denied democracy "

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 5. Ožujak 2015 - 7:00
The presidential candidate of the Umbria region explains the reasons of political disaffection, as "a direct result of a constant denial of democratic rights."

Ekibastuz named the most polluted city in Kazakhstan

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 5. Ožujak 2015 - 0:00
According to meteorologists, the dirtiest city in Kazakhstan is Ekibastuz. Next on the scale of contamination, Aktobe, Ridder, Astana, Almaty, Lisakovsk and Arkalyk, according to Channel 7.

Belarus: transparent ecology

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 3. Ožujak 2015 - 7:00
In the House of Representatives is preparing to consider a bill regulating on public hearings on environmental issues and providing for the establishment of enterprises engaged in activities related to environmental hazards services environment. Development of the document is associated with the implementation of provisions of the Aarhus Convention into domestic legislation.

Sicily:Strategic Environmental Assessment in the viewfinder of the EU Commission

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 3. Ožujak 2015 - 7:00
Sicily still targeted by Europe. To thicken the file relating to the proceedings of the EU to the Island, which already boasts infringement procedures for purification, waste and air pollution, there would be the start of a formal investigation by the European Commission against the Italian authorities and the Sicilian Region for alleged discrepancies with Directive 2001/42 / EC of the resolution of the regional council for the "Regulations Vas", 119 of 6 June 2014, namely the Strategic Environmental Assessment. To investigate, according to the Commission, the passage concerning the participation in decision-making in the approval of the important instrument of environmental control.

Hungary : Opposition condemns classification of Paks agreement

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 3. Ožujak 2015 - 7:00
The opposition Democratic Coalition said the next government would have to lift the classification of data concerning the Paks nuclear plant.

Belarus: Ministry of Natural Resources proposes to make a public discussion of environmentally significant projects

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 26. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
Ministry of Natural Resources proposes to make a public discussion of environmentally significant projects, said during an online conference on the site learned from First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Oia Malkin.

Germany: Fracking opponents call legal way

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 24. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
Brigitte Artmann and her colleagues feared immense environmental damage. The Alliance is now turning to the Aarhus Convention.

European Court backs down on Aarhus ruling

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 24. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
The European Commission has successfully appealed a ‘bold’ ruling by the Court of Justice that its access to justice rules did not fully reflect the Aarhus Convention.

Italy: Asbestos in public buildings, sixteen municipalities do not respond

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 23. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
There are 16 out of 44 Venetians municipalities that have not responded to the research carried out from July 2013 to October 2014 by the Regional Centre Asbestos of the Arpav of Verona. Among these municipalities there is also the sector Public Works of the City of Venice that has not responded to the PEC (Certified Mail , the equivalent of a virtual registered letter ) sent by the Regional Centre asking to participate in the "Mapping Regional Asbestos ."

UN committee finds charity's costs were 'prohibitively expensive'

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 19. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
Costs awarded against an environmental charity when it failed in its legal bid to block a nuclear power planning document were 'prohibitively expensive', a committee responsible for overseeing compliance with an EU-wide agreement requiring effective public participation in plans relating to the environment has ruled.

France: SANTERRE Un collectif contre le projet éolien est en train de naître

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 17. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
Ils viennent de Bayonvillers, Guillaucourt et Wiencourt-l’Équipée. Trois communes concernées par un projet éolien, qui ne plaît pas à tout le monde.

Austria: Environmental laws are met even in renewable energy

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 16. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
Biomass can make a significant contribution to making our energy system in a climate-friendly future. "Great biomass power plants pose but - like all large construction projects - a lot of potential for conflict. For credible climate it is therefore necessary for the projects, the environmental laws are complied with. "Maintains Thomas Alge, CEO of Ökobüro -Alliance the environmental movement, firmly.

Belgium: Le réaménagement du centre de Bruxelles remis en question

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 13. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
L’Arau, Bruxelles Environnement, le Bral et huit riverains attaquent le nouveau plan de mobilité devant le Conseil d’Etat.

Ireland: An Taisce queries reallocation of unused environmental funds

UNECE Aarhus Clearinghouse - 12. Veljača 2015 - 7:00
Department defends move, saying money was still spent on environmental measures. The Department of Agriculture has rejected criticism from An Taisce that its decision to reallocate environmental funds would have a negative effect on vulnerable wildlife.